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Just a couple of admin issues here. One is that I’ve temporarily suspended comments. لعبة تربح منها فلوس I’ll probably enable them once I have more posts and the blog starts coming up in search engines but since it’s in its early stages, it’s mostly just spammers leaving comments.

The other issue is that, while I still anticipate the occasional bit of critical commentary, as The Dark Orchid Express gets ready for another round of queries, I’ve decided to start publishing little nuggets for my future fans. These will be things like character sketches, micro-fiction detailing character backstories not in the novel and world-building that, while not in the first novel, will be important in later books in the series. بلاك جاك

To start with, I’m giving you a taste from my query-in-progress:

Katy is dead. Of course, she doesn’t know this. She doesn’t know much, because when she arrives at a mental institution on a snowy winter day in what she believes to be the Chicago suburbs, her memory is impaired; she remembers taking pills with vodka and tang but the rest is a blur. لعبه بينجو A psychology major with Borderline Personality Disorder, she tries to make sense of her fragmented past while figuring out where she is. With a never-ending library, a church full of fun house mirrors, a topless club that traps its dancers for eternity and a university with professors stuck in never-ending mazes, it becomes increasingly clear to Katy that she is no longer in Chicago. As she navigates the mental institution’s byzantine rules, contends with well-intentioned but useless therapists and juggles often-tumultuous relationships with her fellow patients, Katy is unaware that her soul is the prize in a high stakes wager between a demonic chess player and the mental institution’s silent owner. With world-building reminiscent Jeff Vandermeer’s City of Saints and Madmen and archetypal symbolism not unlike Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, this 105,000-word work of speculative fiction presents a tale of mental illness for fans of the weird and the strange.

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